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AV Pipe Structure Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe (Special Product) Surface Treatment Part Special Primer FRP Layer (Fiber Reinforcement Plastics) Surface Finishing Layer Residual stress inside pipe is uniquely removed. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride pipe and FRP layer are bonded. A special surface treatment to enhance the adhesion effect of primer. A reinforcement layer laminated by glass layers impregnated with polyester resin. Finished with corrosion-resistant polyester resin. 008 Major Pipe & Fittings Features PVC Pipe & Fittings AV Pipe & Fittings 1 Excellent corrosion resistance and no need to worry about corrosion. 2 Great mechanical strength with its elasticity. 3 Excellent weather resistance and suffers less from alterations such as deformation, discoloration and deterioration. 4 Flow resistance and friction coefficient are low. 5 No need to worry about electric leakage as it is insulated. 6 Hygienic because of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. 7 No self-combustion ability with excellent self-extinguishing ability. 8 Easy to handle because of the weight being 1/6 of iron and 1/2 of aluminum and can be easily connected by the TS method. 9 Price and installation cost are low and it is economical due to the semipermanent characteristic. 1 Excellent chemical resistance and applicable to various plants. 2 Compression strength is increased by reinforcing the perimeter with FRP and it has great impact-resistance. 3 Can be used in high heat for a long period of time. 4 Can be used under a corrosive environment. No need to worry about corrosion as it is fully insulated. 5 Linear expansion coefficient is small as U-PVC and FRP are strongly bonded together by a special technology. 6 Far more lighter than metal pipes so piping at a high place is easy. The joint part is FRP lamination so that connection is easy by the TS method. Chemical Piping . Chemical/iron-making/nonferrous refining/power generating facilities, various facilities Water Supply/Discharge/Waste Water Piping . Buildings, plants, public facilities Industrial Water Piping . Plants, various facilities Sea/Fresh Water Piping . Aquariums, culture farms, sea/fresh water facilities Agricultural Water Service Piping . Public pipelines, facilities Air-Conditioning Piping . Plants, public facilities Chemical Piping . Alkali lines for electrolysis plants, acid washing lines for iron-making plants Exhaust Gas Piping (Duct) . Exhaust gas lines for chemical/pharmaceutical plants Pure Water Piping . Pure water lines for semiconductor/liquid crystal plants Sea/Fresh Water Piping . Sea water facilities, desalination devices Warm Water Piping . Spa/various facilities Usage Usage