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125 Installation Procedure Elastic Slide Pipe Inner Pipe Inner Pipe Outer Pipe Outer Pipe Cap Sleeve Pipe Increaser Insertion Pipe (Movable) Basic Structure Product Lineup ■ Elastic slide pipe absorbs heat expansion/contraction of outer pipe caused by outside temperature fluctuation, etc. ■ Inner pipe is not connected to outer pipe and moves and expands/contracts freely inside outer pipe. ■ Piping installation shall be done in the order of inner pipe and outer pipe. ■ Inner pipe can be selected based on conditions of chemical solution. [Inner Pipe] Size 16 − 150 mm U-PVC, HI-PVC, High Purity PVC [Outer Pipe] Size 65 − 250 mm U-PVC (65 − 250 mm), Transparent PVC (65 − 200 mm) Guide Panel Outer Pipe Inner Pipe Features and Structure 1. Chemical Scattering Prevention 3. Expansion Measure (Elastic Slide Pipe) Making piping the dual design prevents chemical solutions from outflowing to outside even when the inner pipe is damaged, etc. Outer pipe is designed to withstand the full capacity (non pressure). 2. Visual Inspection is Feasible (Outer Pipe Transparent PVC) Making outer pipe transparent PVC makes visual inspection done easily. Transparent PVC is available to the size of 200 mm (inner pipe 100 mm). Expansion/contraction amounts of outer pipe (outside temperature) and inner pipe (fluid temperature) are different. Inner pipe and outer pipe of double contained pipes are independent to each other (not fixed), and expansion/contraction is absorbed with the outer pipe of elastic slide pipe.