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137 【Reference】Allowable extension/contraction amount and absorbable piping length of elastic slide pipe Refer to the following for installation of elastic slide pipe. Absorbable piping length of elastic slide pipe per elastic slide pipe above is as follows. Elastic slide pipes are structured to absorb (single side absorption) expansion/contraction of outer pipe with specified piping length as shown in the following diagram. Install necessary quantity of elastic slide pipes in consideration of piping straight length and absorbable piping length based on the table above. ■ Installation Image of Elastic Slide Pipe Elastic Slide Pipe Installation Area Piping Straight Length Allowable Expansion/Contraction Amount: 200 mm (±100 mm) Temperature Difference 冲 (「ェC) 10 20 30 40 Absorbable Piping Length (m) 142 71 47 35 * Make sure to fix and support elastic slide pipes. Also provide support at specified intervals to avoid center misalignment with outer pipe.