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139 5. Drain Installation 6. Outer Pipe End Treatment 7. Various Covers (valve cover, flange cover, halved fitting) Mark outer pipe to show the installation position of splash panel Splash Panel Approximately 20 m Splash Panel Tee (With Drain) (Transparent) PVC Pipe Drain Valve Outer Pipe End Cap (with hole in center) Inner Pipe End Cap Outer Pipe Splash Panel (Bonded to inner pipe) Outer Pipe End Cap Filling Gap (Welding) Inner Pipe Inner Pipe The fluid flown from inner pipe to outer pipe needs to be drained rapidly and safely. For this purpose, install drains in the middle of piping. To be able to identify a leakage area, installing a drain every 20 m as shown in the following diagram is recommended. Marking on outer pipe where a splash panel is installed is useful. When piping is installed on slope, install drain valves on the down stream side. Use an end cap for the end of outer pipe. There is a gap between inner pipe and end cap, and outer pipe is not sealed. When sealing outer pipe, install a splash panel or fill the gap by welding. You can install a box or cover when valves or flanges are going to be located in the middle of piping or the piping needs to be double layers after installation of inner pipe. These types of covers are also available on request. Install a splash panel before putting an end cap or fill the gap by welding after putting an end cap.