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173 ■ Precautions ・This is our designated EF Controller (energization control device) for PP Pipe EF Fitting (Socket). ・Only personnel received training from our instructors can use the device. ・Sufficiently inspect the main unit, cable and other parts for no damage before use. ・Do not drop or give a great impact to this machine. It may cause damage or failure. ・Do not disassemble or modify. It may cause accident or injury. ・Make sure to connect the ground. It may cause electric shocks. ・Do not look at the laser light of bar code reader directly. It may cause damage to the eyes. ・ Acetone is categorized into Type 4 Hazardous Materials and flammable. Follow the laws and regulations and municipal ordinances for storage. ・The blades of pipe cutter and scraper are sharp. Be cautious of handling and do not touch the blade with bare hands. ・In the case of removing or cleaning the adopter or bar code, unplug the power source. ・Store in the housing case when not using and do not leave under the direct sunlight. ・When returning the machine, enclose the main unit and extension cable in the provided housing case and then return. Adopter Output Cable Bar Code Reader Power Source Cable Main Unit No. Accessories Dimensions Weight @ EF Controller L202×W310×H310 mm 10.0kg A Extension Cable Length 10 m (Thickness 3.5mm2) 2.7kg B Housing Case L320×W410×H370 mm 1.5kg Total: 14.2kg Size (mm) Product Display Insertion Length (One Side) (mm) 15 d20 35 20 d25 39 25 d32 40 32 d40 46 40 d50 52 50 d63 59 65 d75 66 80 d90 73 100 d110 81 125 d140 92 150 d180 106 200 d225 106 Bar Code (Readable using reader) ■ Insertion Length ■ Description of Bar Code ■ EF Controller (Fusion Machine) Cooling Time (min) EF Installation AVEF200