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P.196 Warranty & Requests for Export P.065 C-PVC Pipe & Fittings P.066 Straight Pipe (C-PVC Pipe) P.068 Elbow P.069 45「ェ Elbow/Bend P.070 Socket P.071 Reducing Socket P.072 Tee P.073 Faucet Socket (TYPE A) (Metal Insert contained) P.074 Faucet Elbow (TYPE A) (Metal Insert contained) P.074 Valve Socket with Metal Male Thread (TYPE A) P.075 Expansion Joint P.076 Prefab Joint P.077 TS Flange P.077 Welding Rod Technical Document P.078 Technical Document P.079 Package List P.080 Installation Procedure P.081 Precautions P.083 For Safety Use P.141 PP Pipe & Fittings Pipe & Fittings P.142 Straight Pipe P.143 Socket Common Dimensions P.144 Socket P.144 90「ェ Elbow P.145 45「ェ Elbow P.145 Tee (Same Diameter) P.146 Reducer (Bush-Type) P.147 End Cap P.175 Related Products P.176 Full-Face Gasket (JIS 10K, JIS 5K) P.177 Full-Face Gasket (DIN, ANSI) P.178 Inner-Face Gasket P.179 AV PTFE/PVDF Gasket P.180 ViflonR P.181 AV Bellmouth P.182 FRP Opening/Closing Base P.183 Gauge Flange P.184 AV Gauge Flange P.185 AV Diaphragm Type Pressure Gauge P.186 Bolt/Nut/Washer P.188 Saddle P.189 AV Cement P.190 AV Lubricant P.191 Air-Conditioning Drain Pipe & Fittings・Saddle Band Technical Document P.193 For Safety Use P.107 Chemical Pipe P.108 Straight Pipe (Chemical Pipe) Technical Document P.109 Technical Document P.123 Double Contained Pipe & Fittings P.124 Overview of Double Contained Pipe P.125 Features and Structure P.126 Lineup and Piping Example P.128 Pipe P.128 Pipe (For Inner Pipe Fixing) P.129 Elastic Slide Pipe P.130 Elbow P.130 Elbow (With Drain) P.130 Tee P.131 Tee (With Drain) P.131 End Cap P.131 Splash Panel P.132 Thermal Pipe & Fittings Technical Document P.133 Technical Document P.140 Handling Precautions P.111 AV Pipe & Fittings P.112 Product Type/Prefabricated Product P.113 Straight Pipe P.113 Single-Side Sleeve P.114 Elbow, Bend (90「ェ) P.115 Elbow, Bend (45「ェ) P.115 Tee P.116 Reducing Tee P.117 Socket P.117 Reducing Socket P.118 TS Flange (JIS 10K Type) P.118 Blind Flange (JIS 10K Type) Technical Document P.119 Installation Procedure P.120 Piping Support Procedure P.121 Maintenance Material P.085 High Purity Pipe & Fittings P.122 Piping Support Hardware P.086 Straight Pipe (VP) P.089 Elbow P.089 45「ェ Elbow P.089 45「ェ Bend P.090 Socket P.090 Reducing Socket P.091 Tee P.091 Reducing Tee P.092 Faucet Elbow P.093 Faucet Socket P.093 Valve Socket P.094 Cap P.094 AV45「ェ Bend P.095 Elbow (L) P.095 Socket P.096 Reducing Socket P.096 Tee P.097 Reducing Tee P.098 TS Flange P.098 Blind Flange P.099 Prefab Joint P.101 Multi-Joint, TYPE L, Threaded-End Style P.101 Multi-Joint, TYPE T, Threaded-End Style P.102 Multi-Joint, TYPE L, TS-Style P.103 Multi-Joint, TYPE T, TS-Style P.104 Joint Equipment Technical Document P.105 For Safety Use P.147 Male Threaded Adopter (Spigot) P.147 Female Threaded Adopter (Spigot) P.148 90「ェ Bend (Spigot) P.148 45「ェ Elbow (Spigot) P.148 Same Diameter Tee (Spigot) P.149 Reducing Tee (Spigot) P.149 Reducer (Spigot) P.150 Flange Adopter (Spigot) P.150 Backing Flange (For Spigot) P.151 End Cap (Spigot) P.151 Male Threaded Adopter (Spigot) P.151 Female Threaded Adopter (Spigot) P.152 Flange Adopter (Socket) P.153 Socket Flange P.153 Backing Flange (For Socket) Flange P.154 Welded/Blind Flange EF Socket P.154 EF Socket Welding Rod P.155 Welding Rod Prefab Joint P.155 Prefab Joint (21 Type) DIN Socket End P.156 Prefab Joint (Spigot) P.156 Prefab Joint IAM LOCK P.157 IAM LOCK Technical Document P.158 Technical Document P.166 Installation Procedure 003