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Our History

A look back at our history including its early days, its development until today and its leap towards the future.


Established inside the Asahi
Kasei Rayon Factory

1945 MarEstablishment
Established Nicchitsu Kozai Kogyo Co., Ltd. with a capital of 2 million yen as a subsidiary of Nicchitsu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (currently known as Asahi Kasei Corporation) to manufacture reinforced syntheticplywood for aircraft applications.
1945 NovBusiness changes
Changed the trade name to Asahi Veneer Industry Co., Ltd. and shifted to the manufacture and sale of phenol resin molding materials, synthetic resin molding products, and plywood.
1946Started manufacture of molding materials.


1950 NovChange of trade name
Changed the trade name to Asahi Organic Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd.

1951 SepConstructed Nobeoka Factory at the present site.

1952 AprStarted manufacture of ASAHI AV Valves.

1954 JunStarted manufacture of shell moldresin.

1955 JanRegistered as a construction company(plumbing business).

1956Started manufacture of Stop Valves

1959Started manufacture of Diaphragm Valves


1960 AugTokyo Stock Exchange debuted.

1963 JulConstructed Shimonoseki Factory and started manufacture of RCS.

1964 MayConstructed Tone Factory and started manufacture of synthetic resin molding products and RCS.

1964 OctConstructed Joban Factory and started manufacture of RCS.

1965 OctStarted manufacture of Ball Valves

1968 AprConstructed Aichi Factory and started manufacture of shell mold resin and RCS.

1969Started manufacture of Butterfly Valves


1974 Feb1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Enlisted.
1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Enlisted.

1974 MarConstructed PVC pipe factory in Kitakata Town.

1974Started manufacture of Pipes

1979 Estd. Europe Rep. office
Opened a Europe representative office in Germany.


1983 MayCapital increased to 5.0001 billion yen by free issue of shares.

1989 OctConstructed labor saving Factory at Nobeoka.


1991 OctConstructed Laboratory and Research Center at Nobeoka.

1991 NovConstructed Hiroshima Factory and started manufacture of RCS.

1992 MarClosed Shimonoseki Factory.

1996 JulOpened Singapore Office.

1996 OctConstructed Tochigi Factory and started manufacture of RCS.

1996 NovClosed Tone and Joban Factories.

1998 NovStarted manufacture of PVC pipes at the Tochigi Factory.

1999 NovEstablished ASAHI/AMERICA, INC.
Acquired all stock of Asahi/America,Inc. (consolidated subsidiary).


2000 FebStarted manufacture of Dymatrix™ series

2001 FebConstructed Amori Factory and transferred the Engineering Division from inside the Nobeoka Factory.

2001 FebEstablished Asahi-Yuki Sales (West) Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary).

2001 JunAdopted a dual head office system (Nobeoka Head Office and Tokyo Head Office), and adopted the two business division system (Valve & Piping Systems business and Resin business.)

2002 JulEstablished AOC Techno Co., Ltd.(consolidated subsidiary)

2002 OctEstablished AOC Assemble Co., Ltd.(consolidated subsidiary).

2003Started OEM production of plastic valves in Taiwan.

2004 AprConstructed Aichi Research Laboratry.

2005 JulCompleted construction of the Nobeoka Machining Mall.

2005 NovCompleted construction of a local factory of the RCS manufacture in Thailand to which our technology was granted.

2005 DecEstablished Asahi Organic Chemicals Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.(consolidated subsidiary).

2006 DecEstablished Asahi Organic Chemicals(Nantong) Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary).

2008Started manufacture of High performance OctPass® resin

2008 SepOpened a representative office in Thailand.

2008 OctEstablished Asahi AV VALVE (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary).


2010Started manufacture of Zero-Freon® ER thermal insulation materials for large buildings.

2011Started manufacture of Falconics™

2011Started manufacture of Zero-Freon® Fit thermal insulation materials for wooden houses

2011Asahi-Yuki Sales (Central) Co., Ltd. was merged into Asahi-Yuki Sales (Tokyo) Co., Ltd., both of which were our whollyowned subsidiaries.

2012Started manufacture of New Axial Mixer

2012Started manufacture of HexaPass®


2013 FebEstablished Asahi Modi Materials Pvt.,Ltd.(consolidated subsidiary)

2013 AprAsahi-Yuki Sales (West) Co., Ltd. was merged into Asahi-Yuki Sales (Tokyo) Co., Ltd., whose trade name has been changed to Asahi AV Japan Corporation.

2013 SepAcquired all stock of DRICO., Ltd (consolidated subsidiary)

2014 AprNewly-established section of Water Treatment & Natural Resources Exploitation business, and adopted the three business division system

2014 OctEstablished ASAHI KOREA., LTD (consolidated subsidiary)
Established ASAHI AV Europe GmbH (consolidated subsidiary)

2016 FebEstablished ASAHI ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD. (consolidated subsidiary)

2016 AprChanged the trade name to ASAHI YUKIZAI CORPORATION