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Global Network

Our three businesses operated at 16 domestic offices and in 7 overseas countries

United States of America



Nobeoka Factory

(Nakanose Town, Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture)

As a major factory for the Valve & Piping Systems Business, this factory makes synthetic resin plumbing materials centered on those used in various types of valves.

Amori Factory

(Amori Town, Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture)

This factory develops design and construction work technologies and assembles plumbing lines as a foundation for plant engineering for the Valve & Piping Systems Business.

Aichi Factory

(Fuso Town, Niwa County, Aichi Prefecture)

As a major factory for the Resin Business, this factory makes materials for casting that are made by taking advantage the characteristics of phenolic resins as well as materials for electronics, foaming materials, etc.

Tochigi Factory

(Ohtawara City, Tochigi Prefecture)

This factory makes resin-coated sand for casting and synthetic resin piping materials such as pipes.

Hiroshima Factory

(Shinjo Town, Shobara City, Hiroshima Prefecture)

This factory mainly makes resin-coated sand for casting


AVITOP Corporation

(Taito Ward Tokyo Prefecture)

This subsidiary sells synthetic resin piping materials.


(Chuo Ward Tokyo Prefecture)

This subsidiary is engaging in the design, construction, maintenance, and management of various types of water treatment and well drilling facilities.

Sales Office

United States of America

ASAHI / AMERICA, INC. : Our largest base for selling synthetic resin piping and fitting outside Japan

It was reorganized into a wholly owned subsidiary and incorporated into the ASAHI YUKIZAI Group in 1999. It has cultivated many different markets including steelmaking, chemical, semiconductor and other plants, aquariums and mines, not merely in the United States but in South America, Europe and other countries around the world. In 2014, it expanded and moved from Medford, Massachusetts to its current location in Lawrence.
The new head office and plant building is twice as large as the old one, with a three-story office building, laboratory, showroom and fully equipped training facilities.


ASAHI AV EUROPE GmbH: A major sales office for piping materials in Europe

We opened the Europe liaison office in Germany. As a representative office, it had long provided sales support for local distributors. In October 2014, we made it a local subsidiary, ASAHI AV EUROPE GmbH, in hopes of future sales growth in Europe. It is bolstering its sales in areas where it is strong, such as steelmaking, chemicals and seawater desalination.


A center for production and sales of piping materials and a manufacturing base for phenol resins for molding and electronic materials旭有機材閥門設備(上海)有限公司  旭有機材商貿(上海)有限公司 旭有機材樹脂(南通)有限公司

Asahi Organic Chemicals Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

It was established in December 2005 as a base for the sale of valves, pipes, joints and other plastic piping materials. It sells valves, pipes, joints and other plastic piping materials.

ASAHI AV VALVE (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd.: A valve production base

It was established in December 2008 to expand sales of plastic piping materials in the Chinese market. Today, as a production base for valves and other piping materials, it introduces purchased products for sale in the Chinese market to widen the array of products it deals with.

Asahi Organic Chemicals (Nantong) Co., Ltd.: A production base for phenol resins for molding and electronic materials

Recognizing the potential of the car industry in China and the rest of Asia, in December 2006 we built a base for the production and sales of phenol resins for molding, mainly targeting Japanese automobile manufacturers. In March 2012, forecasting growth in the liquid crystal display (LCD) panel and semiconductor industry in China, we built a plant for phenol resins for electronic materials in the same premises. We optimize production with our Aichi Plant, the main production base of phenol resins in Japan, to reliably supply high quality resins to customers around the world.


ASAHI MODI MATERIALS PRIVATE LIMITED: A manufacturing and sales center for resin-coated sand (RCS)

Recognizing the future potential of the car industry in India, we established this joint venture company with India-based Modi Rubber Limited in November 2012. It is headquartered in the Gujarat state city of Ahmedabad. Raw sand material from which RCS is produced is procured from a high quality silica sand mine in Gujarat, whereas the phenol resin for coating is imported from our subsidiary in the Chinese city of Nantong. In India, where the automobile industry is expected to grow at high speed in the future, it has constructed an extensive supply system to supply high quality RCS.


ASAHI ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.: Our first joint venture firm for the valve & piping systems business

In the steelmaking, chemical and semiconductor industries, more and more materials used on construction sites are procured within the Southeast Asian region. In response to this trend, a joint venture company was set up in January 2016 with AGRU TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD., a general distributor of pipes and other piping materials in Singapore. In addition to high quality products, a strength of both parent companies, the new company serves as a distribution center covering the whole Southeast Asian region, securing an unmatched array of products. It aims to step up sales activities and to expand sales in Southeast Asia.


Thailand Office

Our Thailand Office was set up in September 2008 with a view to providing sales support for local distributors and for market surveys. Today, it cultivates demand from Japanese chemical, steel, plating and other manufacturers in a bid to win more orders and it is accelerating its market development, not only in Thailand but also in Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia. It works with ASAHI ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD., established in 2016, to boost sales of plastic piping materials throughout Southeast Asia.


ASAHI KOREA CO., LTD.: A major sales office for Dymatrix products

In December 2013, we opened the Korea office with the aim of expanding sales of Dymatrix products for the semiconductor manufacturing systems sector to the Korean market and Korean companies. In August 2014, it was reorganized into a local subsidiary under the name of ASAHI KOREA CO., LTD. It is based in the city of Suwon, which is conveniently located as a major city in Gyeonggi-do, home to many Korean IT-related companies.