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Our predecessor, Nicchitsu Kozai Kogyo Co., Ltd., was established in the city of Nobeoka in Miyazaki Prefecture on March 12, 1945. Year 2015 marked the 70th anniversary of its establishment.
Released shortly after its establishment, the AV LITE Resin and the ASAHI AV Valve are still mainstay products that continue to support the industry around the world.
The following presents our history of more than 70 years.

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1945Founded in 1945 in the waning days of World War II

The Nicchitsu Kozai Kogyo Co., Ltd. was founded in March 1945 in the waning days of World War II as a subsidiary of the present-day Asahi Kasei Corporation.

After the end of the war, in November 1945 the company changed its name to Asahi Veneer Industry Co., Ltd.

1946Establishesd "AV" brand using the first letters of "Asahi" and "veneer".

In 1946, the Company established "AV" brand using the first letters of "Asahi" and "veneer," and began sales of the AV Lite molding material.

1950Mass Production of the phenolic resin molding materials

In 1950, we began mass production of the phenolic resin molding materials that were used at the time for the rapidly-expanding manufacture of telephones.

That year, the Company changed its trade name to Asahi Organic Chemicals Industry Co.,Ltd.

1952We began manufacturing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) molded products.

1956We produced the world's first thermoplastic valve, the ASAHI AV.

Invention of the ASAHI AV valve, the world's first valve molded of resin

1959A savior for chemical solution lines
The world's first plastic streamline diaphragm valve

We achieved a world first in developing a plastic streamline Diaphragm Valve as a lightweight valve with superior chemical and pressure resistance, a savior for chemical solution lines.

1962Building the agricultural water business

The Alfalfa Valve and the Angle Valve became widely used across the country as designated models. This marked the start of the agricultural water business.

The story behind the invention of the
ASAHI AV resin valve

Our efforts produced results. The resin valve was recognized as a product that solved problems with metal valves. Today, it is finding application in many different areas.

As a pioneer in resin valves, and with the evolution of phenol resin polymerization and synthesis technologies, we contributed to development of the automobile and building machinery industries.

2013In 2013, we added Drico Ltd. to the ASAHI YUKIZAI Group.

In the area of natural resources, Drico is engaged in the development of geothermal power resources throughout Japan. In well drilling, Drico takes pride in being number one in Japan in the numbers of hot spring wells drilled and cumulative well depth, and is one of the top Japanese company in the area of well drilling.

With the passage of time …


We changed our trade name to

The past 70 years and the next 30 years