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Water Treatment and Natural Resources Exploitation

Water Treatment and Natural Resources Exploitation Business list

Development and Supply of Water and Thermal Resources

Well drilling and geothermal exploitation

We meet diverse needs with our pioneering well drilling technologies.

Geological surveys and consulting

We offer comprehensive consulting services in the domain of geological and soil surveys.

Hot spring exploitation

We provide all-inclusive services for hot spring exploitation, including hot spring excavation, design and construction of systems for use, hot water wastewater treatment and maintenance and management.

Design and Construction of Water Utility Facilities and Reuse of Wastewater

Waterworks facilities

We propose optimal systems tailored to the raw water quality and the needs of customers.

Facilities for reuse of gray water

We contribute to the effective use of water resources with a range of gray water recycling systems that reflect our advanced technical capability.

Public Sewage

Sewage facilities

We contribute to the creation of comfortable lives by calling on construction technologies accumulated through years of experience.

Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment

Industrial water facilities

We propose systems that supply water with the quality best suited to the purpose, contributing to industrial development.

Industrial wastewater treatment facilities

We meet customers’ demand with the use of different water treatment technologies that consider the use of wastewater.

Prevention of Environmental Pollution and Purification

Leachate treatment facilities

We design and construct leachate treatment facilities that match the properties specific to waste.

Measures against soil and groundwater pollution

We meet customer’ needs with a consistent system of responsibility for all processes from pollution surveys to cleanup work.

Environmental equipment and systems

Environmental equipment and systems

We propose environmental equipment tailored to customers’ needs.

Maintenance and Management Services

Water treatment, hot spring facilities, etc.

We support the stable supply of water resources on the basis of technologies developed over many years.

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