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Corporate Philosophy

Basic Philosophy

ASAHI YUKIZAI CORPORATION & Our Group's commitment to offer new values with a spirit of “Challenge, Create and Change”contributing to the affluence in people's life.

Philosophy of Business Management

For people
It is our belief that people are the most important asset and we aim become a company in which people could enjoy working.
For our customers
We offer products and services with the aim to satisfy our customers, provide appropriate information for our stakeholders, enhance our reliability and become a highly profitable company.
For new and original technology
We always explore new fields with our proprietary technologies and aim to develop innovative products in time to meet needs.
For the transformation info a global business
We aim to develop businesses with our expertise and marketing strategies and make them known to the international society.
For safety, hygiene and ecological preservation
We proactively promote safety and hygiene activities. We also aim at development of environment-friendly products and manufacturing processes.
For abiding by laws and social norms and moving forward hand in hand with society
We aim to carry out our corporate activities in a highly ethical manner and to be model coporate citizens.