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The strength of our Valve & Piping Systems Business. More than anything else, based on our pioneering work in thermoplastic valves, ASAHIAV is the dominant brand in this domain.



This product is light, does not rust, and offers long service life. It is highly reliable and resistant to chemicals. ASAHIAV: These are valves that provide a unique balance of superior properties.

We respond to its customers' requirements by using different materials and shapes to address a wide range of technical and production challenges. At the same time, we are continually developing new technologies and new products, one of which is Dymatrix, a series of small precision valves with applications in semiconductor and liquid crystal display (LCD) panel production lines.


Miniaturized precision valves for manufacturing plants
for semiconductors and LCD panels.


An epoch-making mixer was developed through a fusion of creative ideas and fluid analysis technologies.

Our piping materials are seen all around us.

  • Chemical Plant Our corrosion-resistant valves play
    effective roles under severe conditions in
    chemical plants handling strong acids and
    alkalis, and elsewhere.

  • Steel Mill Our products exhibit a high level of
    durability and operational reliability in
    lines for acid washing of iron and other
    lines involving corrosivity.

  • Water Supply and Sewage System Our products are used in chemical fluid
    lines for the sterilization of waterworks
    and sewage facilities, in which devices and
    components need to excel in accuracy,
    reliability and durability.

  • Agriculture Our products are adopted for irrigation
    piping, gate valves and automatic water
    supply valves for rice paddies and fields.

  • Aquarium Not prone to corrosion even in seawater,
    resin valves and pipes are indispensable to

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