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The strength of our Water Treatment & Natural Resources Exploitation Business We have an underground exploration department within the company, which combines experienced engineers with advanced prospecting technologies.

Natural Resources Exploitation Business

We are engaged in the development of geothermal power resources throughout Japan. In well drilling,
we takes pride in being number one in Japan in the numbers of hot spring wells drilled and
cumulative well depth, and is one of the top Japanese company in the area of well drilling.

Underground exploration department

We employ our advanced prospecting technologies to collect data. While referring to the enormous volume of
accumulated historical data, our experienced engineers conduct analyses with high precision.

Water Treatment Business

With our highly reliable technologies, we help to build a comfortable living
environment in the domains of public waterworks and sewerage facilities.

Waterworks facilities Membrane filtration system
Sewage Facilities Sludge digestion tank facility and
digestion gas power generation facility
Facilities for reuse of gray waterHaneda Airport Terminal 1

We contribute to the global environment
and to people's daily lives.

Building on its experience in the manufacture of household septic tanks, the Company
has gone on to the development of a flourishing water treatment business including large-scale water
and sewage facilities as well as industrial wastewater treatment facilities and other areas.