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Piping MaterialsDymatrix

Dymatrix products are ideally suited for semiconductor and flat panel display process needs.

Pinch Valves

The pinch valve uses a revolutionary flexible tube material for extended cycle use. The flow-through design and long-lasting tube material cuts down on stress and provides for extended reliability.

PFA/PTFE 2-Way Valves

These 2-way valves are constructed from PFA/PTFE parts with an extended cycle.

Suckback Valves

The Suckback Valve prevents dripping of dispense media from nozzles.

Multiport Valves

The multiport valve utilizes a straight-through design that allows for stress-free slurry operation. The distribution ports provide zero static operation and are designed with flexibility in mind. Both main and sub lines are available in a variety of pipe connection sizes.

Diverting Valves

The Diverting Valve has 6 flow patterns of 3 ports, and allows to be switched flow direction.

Needle Valves

The Needle Valve has excellent liner flow characteristic and easy to delicate adjustment for precise flow control.

Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators are designed to keep the outgoing liquid pressure constant.

Back Pressure Regulator

The Back-Pressure Valves are used where a maintain back pressure is required for operating process system.

Constant Flow Valve

These control flow even in applications with varying pressure, maintaining a constant flow with pressure changes both up- and downstream.

PVC 2-Way Valves

These 2-way valves are constructed from rugged PVC and feature a PTFE diaphragm.

Quick Drain Valves

Engineered for a quick flush and drain of water or chemicals from sinks and tanks.


These include the other Dymatrix products.