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Piping Materials Ball ValvesWATER BV[1/2-2inch] ※Discontinued Products for Sale


Most suitable valve for water
Water BV can be used for water, seawater and therefore have reasonable price. (This valve is not recommended for chemical fruid.)
Easy to Be Automated(No Modification Required)
Featuring a new integral molded top flange. The WATER BV can easily be converted from the manual to automatic without replacing the body.
The stem uses a double-O-ring, sealing arrangement improving durability sealing performance. The upper O-ring groove is deeper than the lower O-ring groove. Because of this design, the stem would break first at the upper O-ring groove, acting as a back up seal.
Multi Functional Handle
Removing the handle and placing the raised lugs into the carrier allow for easy disassembly of the valve.

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