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Piping Materials Gate ValvesGATE VALVE TYPE-P (PLUG) ROUND HANDLE [1 1/4-14inch](32-350mm)


High Corrosion and Impact-resistance
All wet sections are made of corrosion-resistant material, thus preventing corrosion and turbid water due to rust, The GATE VALVE, made of high impact polyvinyl chloride, can be used for water supply and drainage.
Light and Rugged Structure
Being made of synthetic resin, the ASAHI AV GATE VALVE is about 1/5 as heavy as a cast iron gate valve. However, the ASAHI AV GATE VALVE gives the same torque strength as a cast iron gate valve, so it endures high torque.
Flexibility Covering Flow Variations
The gate valve is so flexible in covering many flow variations with tight shut-off.
Easy Maintenance
The stem sealed with an O-ring, prevents external leaks and is easy to replace.

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