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Superior chemical resistance
These pipes are so highly resistant to acid and alkali as to remove the risk of corrosion. (Note that they are subject to restriction of use with some acids.)
Excellence in heat resistance
Resistance to high temperatures enables them to be continuously used at a maximum temperature of 95 deg. C.
Limited thermal expansion
Their thermal expansion properties are nearly half that of the conventional polypropylene and are the same as PVC pipes.
High weather resistance
When these pipes are used under outdoor conditions, ultraviolet rays cause less deterioration than conventional polypropylene.
Very low in elution properties
They scarcely elute into fluid. It means that they may be used with food products.
Environmentally-friendly resin
They generate no dioxin when burnt.
Easy to work with
Its specific gravity is low at 1.03, which is one eighth that of iron. These pipes are easy to carry, cut and join by heat on site.

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