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High Safety Factor By A Molding
(Multi-Joint Type "L" with Female connection 40mm - 150mm) They are produced by "Injection molding" which provides customers with complete reliability and durability.
Types : Type "L", Type"T" Sizes : 20mm - 200mm (JIS standard) Connection : Both types are classified by female and socket connection respectively, which enable users to have multiple selections in connection with sensors, sampling valves, etc.
Designed By CAE Analysis
Multi-Joint is designed in a way to optimize many factors relating to piping stress by "CAE Hydromechanical Analysis".
High Performance
Such unique design as above gives customers not only high pressure resistance in short term but also resistance against periodic pressure change in long term. And the Multi-Joint made by machining are all passed through tough tests in our factory and then delivered to our customers.
Chemical Resistance & High Purity
Since the material is "High Purity PVC", the "Joint" has excellent chemical resistance and extremely low leaching performance. And almost all the processes are controlled in our clean room to keep their performance as perfect as possible.

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