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Foundry Materials and Functional ResinsElectronics Materials

Resins for Photoresists

Introduction of resins for photoresists with a low metal content (below 100ppb.) and very high level of molecular weight control.

Resins for Printing

Introduction of resins for printing plates used mainly for PS printing plates, CTPs and other photosensitive solutions for printing.

Methylol Compounds

Introduction of methylol compounds used mainly for electronics materials, synthetic resin intermediates, curing agent, adhesives and so on.

Crystalline Phenol Derivatives

Introduction of crystalline phenol derivatives used mainly for electronics materials, epoxy resins, coating materials, antioxidants and so on.

Resinous Phenol Derivatives

Introduction of resinous phenol derivatives with a low metal content for electronics materials.


Introduction of TEP-DF and TEP-G, unique compounds with inclusion functions, high melting points and high crystallinity.