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Foundry Materials and Functional ResinsResin products for casting

OctPass® High Performance Shell Molding Resins

Introducing the OctPass® High Performance Shell Molding Resins, achieving the eight casting characteristics required in the shell mold method


Introduction of T-WRAP®, featuring a lower amine odor during core forming and casting processes

Resins for Shell Molding

We are able to offer many different types of resins for shell molding, including a high strength type and a low expansion type, to suit customers' purposes.

Binder for Cold Box

Introduction to the binder for cold box with many advantages, such as energy saving, labor saving and enhanced productivity features.

Binder for Alkaline Phenols

Introduction to the binder for alkaline phenols compatible with new sand, reclaimed sand, special sand and others to exhibit outstanding mold properties.

Phenol Urethane Binder for Self-Hardening Casting

Introduction to the phenol urethane binder for self-hardening molding achieving quick and uniform hardening to the depth of the cast.

Acid-hardening binder for self-hardening molding

Introduction to the acid-hardening binder for self-hardening molding used for aluminum casting and casting of cast iron and cast steel


Introduction to adhesives for casting used in the assembling or cementing process for different forms of casts